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The Quest For Beef - Week 11


So, I think we're still thinking better than Beef, but like I've been saying, never assume that we're not. Beef is always here for us. Beef does not judge us or our actions. Beef accepts us as we are, be it 9-3 or 7-5. Do you think the Champs Sports Bowl feels the same way? Nope. Champs Sports Bowl has expectations and it's love is conditional. Not Beef. Never Beef.


The Orange keep sliding down the standings. The good news, we can't slide that much further.  Which also means we're almost certainly not Beefing. But hey, stranger things...

Syracuse Wins: Seven (Akron, Maine, Colgate, South Florida, West Virginia, Cincy, Rutgers)

Wins Needs For Beef: None, Beef clinched.

Remaining Games: One (BC)

Cumulative Record Of Remaining Opponents:6-5

Most Likely To Beat: Boston College - Duh.

Current Beef Bowl Opponent Projection (CUSA #5): East Carolina (6-5). T'would be interested for the Big East discussion. If the Pirates win, maybe we let them in. If we win, they're banned from ever asking to be let in ever again. Like a Loser Leave Town match.

Gordon Ramsey's Feelings On Syracuse's Chances For Beef: Look at me. Look at me. LOOK AT ME!!! YOU F**KING PRAT! You lose To UConn? UCONN??? You make my f**king sick. Go fall off a cliff, you f**king donkey!

The Week 6 Beef-O-Meter reading: