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Doug Marrone's Monday Presser: "It Isn't My Program...It’s Our Program"


Doug Marrone's Monday presser was the most dismal press conference any 6-2 coach on the verge of turning his moribund program around has ever given. Marrone has clearly learned from the Lou Holtz Rulebook, which stats that the better things get, the more scared and depressed you have to seem in your press conference. It's working.



You can be proud of everything that we do, from the standpoint of what we do academically to what we do with our players.


The highlight of Marrone's press conference was the closing discussion about the crowd in the Dome on Saturday and the future of Syracuse football as a program.

"Hopefully we can create an environment that I remember that makes it difficult for these teams to come in and play. We have that ability. The people who have been coming to the games have been great, they’re vocal and they really appreciate how hard these players have worked to be where we are now. For the people who aren’t, I invite them to come and see what we have to offer in our program. This program represents this community, this school, the alumni and the lettermen. It isn’t my program, I may be the person directing it but it isn’t my program at all, it’s our program. I truly believe that and that is how I run the program."

Syracuse Football Post-Cincy: Coach Marrone's Monday Press Conference