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What In The Name Of Devin Brennan-McBride Is Going On Here?

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The Syracuse Orange basketball team kicks off their season with an exhibition against something called Kutztown University tonight. K-town is Division II so the cards are stacked against them in this one. You can bet they're going to take any kins of perceived advantage they can. Especially if it's a psychological one.

If the Golden Bears can't beat Jim Boeheim, they're going to confuse the hell out of him. You might remember Devin Brennan-McBride, who spent some all-too-brief time with the Orange a few years back. While he didn't contribute much on the court, his unique name was the kind you just never forget.

And therein lies Kutztown's plan.

You see, if you look at the Bears roster, you might notice there's a player named Devon McBride. Weird. What's weirder? He's No. 44.


Okay so that's weird and all, but what else you got?  Well, how bout this...

No. 22 Eric Brennan.


The Kutztown gameplan is clear. When on offense, Brennan and McBride will constantly call for the ball, confusing Boeheim and forcing him to make mental mistakes.  "Pass to Devon! Brennan! McBride! Now #44!"  Clever girls...luckily we figured out your game just in time.