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Daily Links: Whatever The Hell Day It Is

Late UConn TD stays in minds of Syracuse University players |

"I just remember with 55 seconds, fourth and 11 … anyone else would try to run the clock out," he said. "They threw a touchdown pass. With fourth and 11, We had no timeouts left. That’s a big thing to look at."

what to watch 111810 - Big East Blog - ESPN
One of the weirder splits you'll ever see is Syracuse's Big East record this year: 4-0 on the road, 0-2 at home. Orange fans are excited about this team's improvement, but very few of them have actually seen it in person. This is an important game that will have a major impact on the league race, so you'd expect an electric atmosphere in the Carrier Dome. Can Syracuse take advantage? Then again, Connecticut hasn't won a single game on the road this year and has been brutally bad at times away from home. If you offered both teams the choice of playing at a neutral site, they'd take it.

CNY Signatures: Paradise Market's Walking Taco |

WHAT IT IS: Walking Taco Start with a bag of Fritos corn chips or Doritos. Open the bag and begin filling with taco fixings: seasoned beef or turkey, beans, cheese, salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos etc. It's a taco inside a bag of chips. "You should definitely shake it a bit to mix the ingredients," Pineda-Rogmans says. And the best part: You can walk around and eat a taco without the usual mess.

TheRoundUp 11/19: HAHA YOU LOST TO YALE! edition - The UConn Blog
Look: I'm lazy.  I'm just going to link to The UConn Blog's link round-up.  You'll then be all caught up on what to expect from the Huskies and I have to do zero work.  Win-win.

Orange still searching for identity heading into matchup with William & Mary - The Daily Orange - Sports
"I think we're just trying to find our identity at this point," junior forward Kris Joseph said. "As the year goes on, we will progress as a team, practice and really find our roles individually."

And, apropos of nothing, here's Blues Traveler's Love & Greed: