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People Let Me Tell You 'Bout My Best Friend

Friendship fist pump!

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Friendship fist pump! via

Sean is up in Syracuse, working the hand line and kissing babies.

Voteprime is on his way to Vegas, presumably to empty his bank account on the Orange. 

That can mean only one thing: You're stuck with me today.  Apologies and whatnot.  Let's hold hands, pray to the Almighty, and get through this one hour at a time.

You guys!  Syracuse football is totally like Band of Brothers -- They go to war together and, most importantly, they're driven to stick this mother out:

“We’re really close,” Tribbey said. “We really just treat each other like brothers. Every time we go into battle we really play for each other. We look at the film, we’re very hard on each other, we critique each other, but we’re really close-knit.”

* * * * *

“From the time Coach Marrone got here we all kind of sat together and said, ‘Uh-oh.’ We knew it was going to be hard, we knew it was going to be tough,” Perkins said. “We all said no matter what, come hell or high water we’re going to stick this out, because we knew this program was going in the right direction just by the way Coach Marrone walked into the room. We knew that when he came in and took over this program we were going to be in for a good time sooner or later.”

Adorable.  Anyway, I don't really like Dave Rahme's tabbing of the defensive tackles as the "Three Amigos."  I love Steve Martin, but that movie was hot garbage.  I like to think of Tribbey, Perkins, and Lewis as Bret, Jemaine, and Murray.  Throw in Cory Boatman as Jim, and OH MY GOD THIS HAPPENS:

Alright, enough nonsense.  Wait, what was that?  Doug Marrone is going to open up the playbook on Saturday against Connecticut?  That's nonsense.  Prove it to me, Rahme:

With two games remaining in the regular season and the bowl berth assured in only his second season as head coach, Syracuse coach Doug Marrone said he will no longer have to worry about managing his team’s scary depth situation. He hinted strongly that the Orange will be free to open it up against the Huskies, who rubbed it in his team’s face last season by scoring a late touchdown in a 56-31 victory instead of running out the clock.

“When I said manage it I meant trying to get to a point of the last two games where if we wanted to play (tailback) Antwon Bailey 50 or 60 snaps we can now play him 50 or 60 snaps,’ Marrone said. “If we’re playing someone who can help us on special teams but is playing on defense, then we’re going to play them on both special teams and defense. Let’s go, let’s push near the end.”

Well, ain't that some shit.  Should I bring my helmet and pads, Coach? That would shock the hell out of Connecticut (and, you know, my Mom) if I got some carries.  I have clear eyes and a full heart . . . I can't lose (at least that's what the television says).

Speaking of shocking, Randy Edsall wants none of that.  In fact, he'd like a lowfat vanilla yogurt in a cardboard dish -- none of that waffle cone ridiculousness -- with no sprinkles and a plain white napkin, please.  Outside of pedantic treats, though, he's going to do what he presumably is only able to do: Run Jordan Todman until his legs snap off:

Connecticut head coach Randy Edsall saw, too. And he has no plans to fix what isn't broke. Syracuse avoided the Big East's second-leading and the nation's No. 5 rusher in Bilal Powell when Louisville came to the Dome two weeks ago. But SU won't be as fortunate this time around. And the Orange might have to deal with even more.

Edsall said in his weekly press conference Tuesday that he plans on going with what works. Whether that means a surprisingly efficient pass attack or another 30-plus-carry game from Todman.

"It all depends on how Jordan is doing and how the game is going," Edsall said, when asked about the likelihood of Todman getting 30-plus carries again this week. "Jordan knows who he is and what he can do. If it takes that many carries from Jordan or if we need to use two guys, we'll see how it goes."

Hey, Edsall: Jim Tressel called, he wants his coma offense back.