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Mike Holmes is a Prophet and Other Important Football Things

You guys!  Syracuse is totally winning the Big East this year!  Do you know why?  Because Mike Holmes thought that it would be a good idea back in April:

Mike Holmes, a starting cornerback for the Syracuse University football team, said it back in April.

During an interview a few days before SU’s spring game, Holmes was talking about how the Orange wanted to achieve a winning record and become bowl-eligible. Then he added something else.

"I really want to get that Big East title," said Holmes, talking about his senior season.

Mike Holmes: Defensive terror, special teams monster, our own personal Amazing Kreskin.

How big would an Orange victory be on Saturday?  Well, it'd secure at least a share of the Big East title once Pittsburgh inevitably loses to South Florida, West Virginia, or Cincinnati, it would secure at least a share of the Big East title (the program's first since 2004 (remember that, Boston College?)), it'd be the school's first win against Connecticut since 2006, and, most importantly, it'd be very exciting to an athletic director that holds back-to-back-to-back Most Telephone Capable Athletic Administrator titles:

"First of all, it’s exciting … for the community, for the program," said Daryl Gross, SU’s director of athletics. "It’s the success we have been hoping for. To say we’re ahead of schedule would be an understatement."

"Ahead of schedule", eh?  I wonder what delayed the arrival. Maybe if a certain someone didn't hire a certain program arsonist then maybe the train would've come into station, say, a half-decade ago.  But seriously: Keep up the good work, Doc.  Syracuse is kicking ass all over the planet in every sport in the history of sports these days. 

Anyway, there's more good news coming out of Manley: Delone Carter totally punched the mononucleosis out of Prince-Tyson Gulley's body:

Freshman Prince-Tyson Gulley, the team’s kick returner and third running back, was back on the practice field Wednesday for the first time since being diagnosed with mononucleosis the week of the Cincinnati game.

* * * * *

Marrone confirmed that Gulley was back, though he said a decision on whether he plays Saturday would wait until closer to game time.

Huzzah!  I decree for today a royal feast to celebrate the return of The Prince! 

Who knows how much Gulley will play on Saturday, but his return does three things: 1) It supports Dorian Graham, who has been doing a nice job on specials in Gulley's absence; 2) It provides depth to a depleted running back corps, but it's yet to be known whether Gulley will be physically ready to contribute in that facet of the game; and 3) It gives Randy Edsall something else to prepare for. 

(Given Edsall's track record, though, this is likely a non-factor.  Does he even know that he's playing Syracuse this week?)

Finally, Doug Marrone is awesome.  How do I know that he's awesome?  Because he doesn't have those pointless human emotions that we as mere mortals are burdened with:

It was business as usual Monday for Syracuse coach Doug Marrone, putting another road victory in the rearview mirror.

And if it was somewhat unusual to be talking about a bowl game with two games remaining in the regular season, Marrone was taking it all in stride.

"I don't think I or any of our coaches are surprised," Marrone said. "I've said it a million times. My job is to win football games. If I don't win football games, I'll be fired. That's how I look at it. The people that are surprised, I'm happy for them. I don't look down at them and say, 'You shouldn't be.' I understand that, but this is what I do for a living."

Doug Marrone has laser focus. He's going to make a killing off of it when he retires, patents it, and licenses it to the world.

Syracuse is totally winning the Big East, you guys.