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See You Soon, Syracuse

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I start on my journey back to the Motherland this morning so I'll be pretty much MIA all afternoon. Tomorrow, I'm doing a little roadshow with a bunch of radio appearances.

I leave you in the capable hands of Voteprime and the less capable hands of HoyaSuxa. Be gentle. Actually, tell them to be gentle.

You know the details for this weekend. Between Friday night at Faegen's, Saturday at the tailgate (now with location details!) or at the book signing or at the game itself, you and I have no excuses for not meeting up.

Keep an eye on Twitter where I'll be posting pics, videos and other pertinent (and impertinent) information.

Make sure you swing by Section 336 and give the kids some high-fives during the game.

If you're coming to the signing, you may want to purchase the book beforehand either in-store or online. They have a finite number on hand. Shouldn't be an issue, but, just in case. Copies of Orange Tip-Off will be available as well.

Remember, Mike Borkowski will be there as well signing. DOUBLE BILL.

Follow Pat Manley. I've got free drinks to imbibe.

If you miss me at the bar, the tailgate and the signing, I'll be sitting in Section 314. I'll be the one wearing orange (ba-dum-ching...)

That's about it. For the rest of you, GameThreads for that and the William & Mary game will be live. I'll be on a plane during the basketball game so I'll just have to find out how bad we played in the first half afterward.