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You Should Probably Buy Your Syracuse-Villanova Ticket Right About Now

Last year's Syracuse - Villanova game was kindof a big deal. If things hold, this year's game in the Dome should be just as important (both teams ranked in top ten).

Sure, that game is more than two months away, but that's not stopping everyone from snapping up tickets like they're printed on gold (maybe they are?).

Pete Moore, Syracuse University's director of athletic communications, sends word that ticket sales for the Jan. 22 game have surpassed the 25,000 mark.

Syracuse has sold more tickets for the Jan. 22 game than any other game on this year's schedule. A "sell-out'' is less than 10,000 tickets away.

And we don't even know if ESPN wants a repeat Gameday experience yet.  They might have to peel back the Dome roof and add some bleachers up there if this keeps up. Don't think they haven't thought of it...

Seriously though, buy your ticket. You're already treading on "curtain territory."