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Take The Pat Manley Challenge

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Pat Manley is a graduate student at Syracuse University.  His great uncle is the guy Manley Field House is named after. He's the creator of Big Boeheim.

And he's also only at 453 Twitter followers. This will not stand.

And so, Good Cusians, I dare you to take The Pat Manley Challenge. To enter, simply...

1. Follow Pat Manley on Twitter

2. Grab a mimosa and relax

That's it. You can even skip the second part if mimosa's aren't your thing. Once Pat has 600 followers, the challenge ends. Oh and did I mention we have until Friday 8pm EST to get him to 600?  Cause we do. You have questions?

Q: Wait, why are we doing this?

A: For love of the game? I don't know, it just seems right.

Q: What do I win?

A: You don't win anything except the knowledge that Pat Manley will drop in your Twitter feed. If we do get to 600 followers, my drinks are on Pat Friday night at Faegan's. So I guess in a sense we all win, though I win a little bit more. And let's face it, anytime a 32-year-old can coax a college student to pay for his booze, he just has to do it.

Q: Whatever happened to the Big Heads? Where are they this year?

A: Good question...Pat?

Get to it, people. Follow Pat. Save America. You have two days.