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Operation Who Is This Guy: Syracuse Orange Blanket Man

In one of his best bits, David Cross recounts a tale in which, staying in Kansas City one night, he almost fell off a cliff into the abyss of madness and became a "town character." He was this-close to wandering the streets of Kansas City for the rest of his life intermittently scratching himself and telling random passers-by to "answer their telephone." He would have become known as the Answer The Telephone Guy and folks would learn to just give him a quarter or two so he could go on his way.

Hang out long enough in any sports stadium and you'll find that they too have "town characters," or perhaps in this case, "stadium characters." Nestled in their sections with their props, outfits and wacky sayings, they become the mayors and figureheads of their little piece of the arena. While not the center of attention, they garner just enough that eventually the other regulars can look in his or her direction and say, "Oh that's just Crazy Orange Mask Guy." That, I suppose, is when they've made it.

Well Syracuse Orange Blanket have made it.

So...who's got the inside info? How did SUBM come to be SUBM? Who was he before (or I guess is he still, really)? What was his inspiration? What does he hope to accomplish one day? Does he hope for a day when all Syracuse fans lift their orange blankets in unison and twirl?

You're on the case, gumshoe.