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Syracuse vs. Boston College Is A Nooner, Possibly An ESPNer

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It's been a long time since Syracuse played at noon. Perhaps it was a sign that the team is becoming something worth programming for. Perhaps it was just coincidence. Whatever the case, part of what has defined Syracuse football for the past few years seemed to be fading sway.

A part of me was just a little sad. (Plus, as a West Coaster, I kinda like the 9am start that gives me a full afternoon of post-game party-time, which I usually spend doing nothing).

And so, I like the fact that the season-ending game against Boston College will be a nooner. The circle is now complete.

The good news is that this isn't just any ordinary nooner. This is a nooner on ESPN2...or possibly even The Mothership itself...

The Syracuse University football game against Boston College on Nov. 27 is set for a noon kickoff in the Carrier Dome.

The non-conference game will be aired on ESPN or ESPN2.

I suppose it depends on whether not the Orange are still in BCS contention and if the Eagles are still fighting for a spot in the ACC Championship. I can't believe I just wrote that sentence.