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Orange Still No. 10 In First AP Rankings, Dead Last In Jim Boeheim's

If you were to ask Jim Boeheim where they ranked in the nation right now, he'd probably tell you dead last and then give you an indignant sneer. Actually, he'd tell you there are actually two teams worse than the Orange, Canisius and Northern Iowa, but that's it.

Thankfully the voters do not listen to Jim Boeheim and they decided to keep the Orange at No. 10 in the first rankings of the regular season. Not too much to report here other than the obvious. Pitt remains at No. 5, Villanova at No. 6 and Georgetown is No. 20.

If you want disturbing turns of events, you need to turn to the brand new SB Nation Big East Power Rankings. You might notice that Georgetown is No. 3 and Syracuse is No. 4 and you might be wondering why that happened.  Well let me show you the fantastic reason how...

Pittsburgh was a heavy favorite, garnering six of the 10 first place votes, but Villanova was right on their heels, grabbing three. A bit further down (but not much) Georgetown, Syracuse and West Virginia all bunched up to finish off the fearsome fivesome.

That deserves a bit of clarification though, in the form of our first ever Hater Vote of the Week. You see, Syracuse would be flying a bit higher if it wasn't for their nemesis over at Casual Hoya who put all reason and logic aside and slotted the Orange 16th. That's some high-quality casual hatred right there.

Ah, bloggers...