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Syracuse Atop Big East Rankings If You Can Believe It

Don't look now but the Orange are finally garnering respect from their fellow Big East members. How do I know? In a week that I didn't even vote for Syracuse as the best team in the conference, the Orange came in first place in the SB Nation Big East Power Rankings:

Syracuse fans, I have some bad news for you. Sean from Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician doesn't think you deserve to be on top of the power rankings. I have some good news though, he's not the only voter. Syracuse only got two first place votes to Pittsburgh's four, but their overall tally of 44 points (naturally) was just barely enough to give the Orange the top spot this week.

I wear that badge of shame gladly.

In the AP Poll, the Orange received two whole votes and were the only Big East team to receive any. You can thank the Winston Salem Journal's Bill Cole for both votes as he slotted Syracuse in at No. 24. The Orange No. 33 overall.

Meanwhile the Coaches Poll gave the Orange thirteen votes to put them at No. 33.

In the Legends Poll, the Orange picked up eight votes for a 31st place finish. LaVell Edwards props the Orange all the way up at No. 22, Coach Mac puts us up at No. 24 and RC Slocum continues to be a fan of the Orange by dropping us in at No. 24.

The Orange received 25 votes in the Harris Interactive Poll, good enough for No. 34, just ahead of West Virginia.

Finally, in the BCS Standings, the Orange remain the highest-ranked Big East squad on the table at No. 37.