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The Quest For Beef - Week 11


The last few weeks, the Orange have gone back and forth between their insistence in proving that Beef is beneath them and their need to first ensure Beef before looking to anything "better." 

This past weekend, Syracuse may have covered both bases. They clinched a bowl berth, meaning that The Quest For Beef is completely doable. But by doing so with two games remaining and with an outside chance at a Big East title, the Orange may have passed the Beef by, something thought impossible just weeks ago.

Regardless of what bowl the Orange play in, they have, for the first time, completed The Quest that was laid out before them in a given season. Yes the Quests have always had a specific, low-hanging fruit in mind, but at the heart of them was bowl eligibility. Syracuse has now done it. Congrats everyone. Your Beef, wherever you dine on it, is well deserved.


Hi, UConn!

Syracuse Wins: Seven (Akron, Maine, Colgate, South Florida, West Virginia, Cincy, Rutgers)

Wins Needs For Beef: None, Beef clinched.

Remaining Games: Two (UConn, BC)

Cumulative Record Of Remaining Opponents: 10-9

Most Likely To Beat: Boston College - UConn's going to coming into the game with bowl eligibility on the line. They beat Pitt last week, the same team that throttled Syracuse a month ago. BC is getting their legs under them but they're still too streaky and too shaky to be considered as much of a threat.

Current Beef Bowl Opponent Projection (CUSA #5): Southern Miss (7-3). The Eagles are back in the conference hunt after a big win over then-ranked UCF last week. A huge game against Houston looms and the loser might just find themselves locked into Beef.

Gordon Ramsey's Feelings On Syracuse's Chances For Beef:You're bowl f**king eligible, are you? LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME YOU F**KING DONKEY, do not take a crap in my souffle and call it f**king Bearnaise you f**king twat! Your defense against Rutgers? IT WAS F**KING RAW! GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN! NOW!!!

The Week 6 Beef-O-Meter reading: