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Lazy Syracuse Basketball Announcer Bingo: 2010-2011 Edition

The 2010-11 Syracuse basketball season is young but if we've learned anything so far, it's that, unless you're listening to the Syracuse ISP broadcast, most play-by-play announcers will assume that you've never watched a second of SU basketball in your life. As such, they fill the airtime with as much simple, obvious and overused information as possible. Facts that you already know by heart and pieces of information that ceased being interesting to you two years ago will be trotted out on a nightly basis for your listening pleasure.

To make it slightly more bearable, here's your Bingo card for the occasion. Every time you fill a square on your card, take a sip. Every time you fill a row or column, chug your drink. If you're going to play this in public, make sure you have a designated will be drunk.