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Syracuse Basketball: 2010-2011 Expectations

Expectations are a tricky thing. Take the 2010 SU Football team. At the beginning of the season, pretty much everyone said their expectation was somewhere between 5-7 wins. Now, if Syracuse "only" wins 6-7 games, there will be a sense of disappointment considering the way this season started.

Expectations are organic (and grass-fed?). They evolve. So what you expect today isn't what you expect two months from now.

Keeping that in mind, I'm curious to know your expectations for this year's Syracuse basketball team.

It's not that they a huge gap between their floor and their ceiling. I think we can all agree they will be good. The question good? A lot of that is going to depend on whether or not Kris Joseph becomes the player we expect him to, whether the freshmen have the kind of impact we hope they can and whether or not The Scoop & Rick Show becomes a hit.

There's a lot more variables than that but if those three things work themselves out, we could be in for quite a season. In previous years, we always seemed to have a lot of room to grow. When you're coming off a season when you've been ranked No. 1, earned a one-seed in the NCAA Tourney and made it to the Sweet Sixteen, it's asking a lot to expect more from the next squad. you?