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Eric Devendorf Is Learning Australia Is No New Zealand

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In New Zealand, Eric Devendorf is practically royalty.

In Australia, however, its a different matter. The Melbourne Tigers don't care much for what you do in New Zealand. And right now Eric Devendorf isn't paying the dividends expected when he was signed during the off-season. The Tigers are 0-4 and the blame seems to rest on the shoulders of Devo and fellow import T.J. Campbell.

Tigers coach Al Westover said he was committed to imports TJ Campbell and Eric Devendorf, at least for Sunday's road game against Wollongong Hawks, but the winless club might be forced to reassess.

If the Tigers were to replace either Campbell or Devendorf, who have both played better in the past two games after poor starts, there would be no shortage of options.

Devo is averaging 11.8 PPG and his play has improved over the last two games. That still might not be good enough for the Tigers,who are off to their worst start since 1985 when they went 0-8.

If the team does decide to cut ties with Devo or Campbell, they've got someone in mind, which leads to the following sentence that somehow includes the words "homicide" and "aborted."

...the idea of recruiting last season's league MVP Corey "Homicide" Williams, who is believed to have aborted a stint in Greece, has been floated.

I don't know what Corey did to earn that nickname but I'm just hoping Devo won't have to go the same route in order to keep his job. "Bar Fight" Devendorf is just fine...