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Syracuse 13, South Florida 9: Win No. 1 In Tampa This Year


 Bullz, we ridez dem.

So, um, couple things about Syracuse's 13-9 win over South Florida today.

No. 1 - We're for reals, ya'll.

No. 2 - Goodbye, USF dominance. Orange get rid of the doughnut hole in that win column.

No. 3 - Skip Holtz. Worst. Career  Choice. Ever.

No. 4 - That's win No.1 in Tampa this year, people. No. 2 comes in the Beef Bowl.

No. 5 - Somewhere, right now, Jim Leavitt is punching someone in the face.

No. 6 - Four wins, just like the last two years. Only this time, we still have more than half a season in front of us.

No. 7 - Greggers who?