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DaShonte Riley Has Foot Injury, May Miss Season

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I checked DaShonte Riley's Twitterfeed. It doesn't say that he ate Chipotle at some point in the recent past. Still, I'm willing to bet he did. How else do you explain the news that he might miss the entire 2010-2011 season due to a foot injury?

A decision on whether Riley, a 7-foot sophomore, will have season-ending surgery or opt for a method of rehabilitation will be made late next week, according to Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim.

"He does have an issue with his foot,’’ Boeheim said Friday. "We’re really just gathering opinions right now. We really have not made any decision right now on what’s going to be done. That won’t happen until probably the end of next week.’’

Boeheim is being extremely coy about the specifics. He does say it's "not exactly a stress fracture," but it's similar. No word yet on what the timeline would be if he opted for rehabbing it instead.  If he did choose the surgery, Riley would be able to get a medical redshirt and keep three years of eligibility.

The value of Riley came in the form of his experience, burgeoning talent and the depth he brought to the frontcourt. The Orange have Rick Jackson and Fab Melo to lead the way but the depth chart falls off a cliff after that. Especially if Riley's gone.

That also means Baye Moussa Keita...say goodbye to that redshirt (if you were even getting one). We're gonna need you and that 6'10", 213-pound frame.