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How Much More Syracuse Lacrosse Can This Weekend's Alumni Classic Get?

Ric Beardsley at a previous alumni game via <a href=""></a>
Ric Beardsley at a previous alumni game via

None. None more Syracuse Lacrosse.

You know the deal. The current Syracuse Lacrosse team is taking on a Syracuse Alumni team that includes players like Gary Gait, Casey Powell, Ric Beardsley. Mike Leveille. Matt Palumb. Paul Carcaterra.

That last sentence either made your eyes glaze over or made your pants a little squishy. You know who you are on either side. The game will be played in the Carrier Dome on Saturday at 3pm. Tickets are a measly $7 and I assume the players will be signing autographs as well.

For current players like sophomore defender Brian Megill, it must be a little surreal to know he'll be guarding players like Gary Gait and Casey Powell. He's not going to just stand there in awe, he's got a strategy ready to go for both of them.

"I know Casey Powell is a feeder so I’m going to stay on his hands. Gary Gait is all about muscle and body, and he can still move like he would have 20 years ago. I saw him play this summer out at a clinic and he still has the hardest shot I think I might have ever seen."

"I know Casey Powell is a feeder so I’m going to stay on his hands." Only a lacrosse-head can appreciate that ridiculously-weird sounding statement. Megill also isn't afraid to come correct with a prediction:

"I think we win by six."

We'll hold you to that. SU Athletics also has a full breakdown of the game position by position. When it came time to make their own prediction, SUA went with "one heck of an entertaining game." NOT GOOD ENOUGH!  PICK A SIDE!

I'll say arbitrarily that the current team just has too much athleticism to lose. Current SU 16, SU Alumni 12.