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Subtropical Storm Otto: Good News/Bad News For Syracuse

Subtropical Storm Otto's forecasted path of destruction
Subtropical Storm Otto's forecasted path of destruction

Good news: There is currently a weather mass off the coast of Florida called Subtropical Storm Otto. That has to be some kind of sign, right?

Bad news: Otto is being referred to as "an area of low pressure."

Good news: Subtropical systems are storm systems that form over warm oceans. So you could say this is a storm that's just beginning to heat up. Metaphor much?

Bad news: The storm is "not expected to threaten South Florida." Oh.

Good news: Otto could transition to a tropical storm by Thursday morning and then become a hurricane by Thursday night. As Saturday approaches, he's only getting stronger.

Bad news: Otto will continue to move to the north and then northeast. He's already heading back north before Saturday gets here.

By the way, it's no coincidence that Otto is heavily-orange, right?  I know that has nothing to do with heat signatures and everything to do with random chance. Obviously.

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