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#SUMovies Because Why Not

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You've seen a lot of Twitter hashtags come and go. A lot of them are right up your alley, allowing you to tap into that vast resource of movie or sports knowledge that you built up over a wasted lifetime.

Still, you've often wondered, when will a hashtag come along that allows me to harness my movie knowledge and couple it specifically with my love of all things Syracuse?

Your day has come, fine sir or madam.  I give you #SUMovies

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, you're going to go over to The Twitter, you're going to think of a movie title you know and you're going to combine it with a Syracuse reference. Then you're going to add #SUMovies to the end of it so we can all find them in one handy place. Some examples...

The Guns Of Marrone #SUMovies

Nanny McPherson #SUMovies

Get Delone Carter #SUMovies

Agent Cody Jamieson #SUMovies

There's no real prize here, other than the respect of your peers for truly unique, obscure and funny references. Get to it. We've got trending to do.