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Hey Syracuse Alumni Who Play Safety In The NFL, Stick To Not-So-Banned Substances

On September 23rd, former Orange and current Tampa Bay starting safety Tanard Jackson was suspended by the NFL for a year due to violation of the substance abuse policy/program. It's his second violation of the policy. He'll miss the rest of this season and some time in 2011.

Then on October 4th, former Orange and current starting safety Steve Gregory tested positive for a banned substance . The timing couldn't be worse as he leads the team in tackles and seemed to be emerging as a team leader.

I don't really know what's going on but I'm asking any other former Orange who currently play safety in the NFL to STOP WITH ALL THE BANNED SUBSTANCES.

Anthony Smith, I'm looking at you.

Will Allen, I know you're a DB but that's too close for comfort. KEEP IT CLEAN.

Dwight, Keith, Jameel, Arthur, Taj, Curtis...KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR ANYONE ELSE AND THEIR BANNED SUBSTANCES.  And if you do see any banned substances, I ask that you follow procedure:

1. Stop.

2. Drop.

3. Roll.

4. Tell an adult.

Together, we can get past this. And if we can't, well, I know where we can get some banned substances to make ourselves feel better...

H/T: kotite4ever