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TNIAAM BlogPoll Ballot - Week Five

I've been a bad BlogPoller so far. I haven't been posting my ballots like I should. From now on, I'm going to be a good BlogPoller, like my father was and his father before him.

Have at it. This week's official BlogPoll comes out on Wednesday.

I refuse to drop Boise state behind Oregon after the weekend. If Boise State was a BCS school that just beat a cupcake by 59 points, they wouldn't have dropped. Anyone who did drop them did so for completely arbitrary reasons related to the fact that they're tired of hearing about them. You might as well not even bother ranking Boise State if you're gonna do that.  There are probably better times than while posting my own poll ballot to says these polls are so dumb, but, there you go.

As far as I'm concerned, No. 8 through No. 12 is a crapshoot. I have no idea what makes any of them better than the other.

Utah's in a great position, though. With all the hype surrounding Boise and TCU, everyone has forgotten about them. While Pitt hasn't lived up to expectations, they're still a good team and Utah beat them. At some point this season, Boise or TCU is going to lose and all of a sudden Utah will be there in the top ten, much to everyone's surprise, ready to pounce.

Maybe I dropped Wisconsin too much. Eh, whatever. We all know what Wisconsin's going to do this season. Go 9-3, play in Holiday Bowl or the Alamo Bowl and continue recruiting large people.

Nevada...nice work so far. Keep it up.

Yes, it pains me to rank Michigan. They might be the worst 5-0 team in history. But, its in the rulebooks, if Michigan is 5-0, they have to be ranked. Plus, it will be that much more fun when Greg Robinson's defense gives up 176 points if they're ranked.

West Virginia is right outside my Top 25. One more win and they'll get in.