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Flamerica University, What Malfeaseance Is This?

Nice pantaloons, Ponce.
Nice pantaloons, Ponce.

Every year before this game I check USF's Wikipedia page to check and see what's going on and every year there is revisionist history going on.

Back in 2008, we discovered the delightful details of other possible names for USF:

USF was founded in 1956. However, the university was not officially named until the following year, and courses did not start until 1960. Some of the original proposed names included "Citrus State University", "Sunshine State University," "The University of the Western Hemisphere," "Ponce de Leon University," "Flamerica University," and "The University of Florida at Temple Terrace."

Obviously, Flamerica University is the best University name ever concocted. But then in 2009, we checked back and all of a sudden Flamerica was gone from the Wikipedia page. Erased. Because it was untrue or because it was the most ridiculous thing a human being ever committed to discussion?

Now I checked back again and the second-best name on that list, Ponce de Leon University, is also gone. What kind of secret scheme is going on here? What do you have to hide, Flamerica?

The big stories this week for Orange fans? They are twofold.

1. Syracuse has never beaten USF. Ever. Of course they only started playing five years ago when SU got bad, but the fact remains. It must be remedied.

2. Skip Holtz turned down Syracuse for the head coaching gig two years ago. Regardless of how folks want to revise history on our side, Holtz was the No. 1 choice. When he said no, we asked Marrone. Not that we're complaining, we're glad it worked out this way. But you can be sure Orange fans want Skip to know he made the wrong decision. And we'd like to begin that reminder process this Saturday.

Get ready to hear about both of those things. A lot.