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The Growing An Orange Contest - Winners

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A huge congrats to everyone who entered the Growing An Orange contest. Not only are you all winners in my eyes but you're also preparing a new generation of winners for the next one. The children are our future and you are teaching them well and leading the way.

Of course, I was just lying about the par where I said you're all winners in my eyes, because only one of you can be a winner in my eyes. That's the winner. Duh.

I'm bummed no one was able to get a photo with DOC Gross, though I appreciate that at least one of you tried. Let this be a note that a standing invitation exists to anyone who wants to get a photo with DOC Goss. I will feature it on the site any time. That's a guarantee.

And the winner, by virtue of the 292 points count they received for their court-side photo is FredoniaCuse & Family!


Huzzah and kudos, your autographed copy of How To Grow An Orange will go in the mail as soon as you send me an address. Clearly, you don't need the lessons, but it can't hurt to have the Bible handy. Consider me the Gideons to your Holiday Inn suite. Plus, next time you can include it in the photo for even more points...

Of course, there's a second prize. A free copy of Orange Tip-Off 2010-2011 Magazine. I put all of the other entries in a hat and pulled out the winner. Said winner is... NoVaOrange & Daughter!!! Congrats, let me know where to send it and its yours.

If you want your own copy of HTGAO, you can purchase it here. And if you'd like an autographed version, let me know and I think I can put in a good word with the author. If you want a copy of Orange Tip-Off, it hits New York area newsstands on October 19th or you can order it online.

Check out all of the entries, thanks again to everyone who put in the fantastic effort and stay tuned for the next contest on the site.

9/21 Entries

9/22 Entries

9/23 Entries

9/27 Entries

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9/30 Entries

Final Entries