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Syracuse 31 - Cincinnati 7: Bologna Sandwiches For Everyone

Coach Marrone, I mocked your traditional bologna sandwich and Gatorade post-victory meal during the week. I apologize. You sir, have earned all the slimy, processed bologna you can eat and all the sugar-loaded Gatorade you can possibly gulp down. You earned it.

Syracuse 31, Cincinnati 7.

The apocalypse is still a good two years away but you wouldn't know it by checking the Big East standings.

Syracuse Football is 6-2. It's the first time they've won six games in a season since 2004.

They are 3-1 in the conference.First time they've done that since '04 as well.

With four games left, they need only win one to go to a bowl game. something they haven't done since, you guessed it...2004.

They have defeated South Florida, West Virginia and Cincinnati, whom they were a combined 0-15 against in the previous five seasons. As an added bonus, all three of those games were Homecoming for each team.  If you include Syracuse's loss to Pitt, the Orange have ruined four Homecoming this season.

Doug Marrone is now 10-10 on his Syracuse career. Ten took Greg Robinson four years to do it, Doug did it in less than two.

Ryan Nassib - 16 of 26 for 125 yards, two TDs and an Int. Not gaudy but enough to not lose the game. That's all we ask from "Nosseeb," as ESPNU's announcers called him.

Delone Carter - 109 yards on 19 carries. Strong day out of Delone.

Antwon Bailey - 44 yards rushing, 24 yards receiving, 2 TDs. Bailey is officially the Dave Meggett of SU football.

More to come but shower the comments with your joy. SIX WINS, PEOPLE. One more and Beef is foregone conclusion. Where we go from there...only Doug Marrone knows.