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How Can Technology Make You A Better Syracuse Fan?

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If anyone knows their phone apps, it's DOC Gross, via <a href=""></a>
If anyone knows their phone apps, it's DOC Gross, via

Samsung is sponsoring a series of posts around the SB Nation network today about how technology has improved the fan experience. I admit, I'm probably not the best person to write such a post as I'm not exactly Johnny Gotta Have The Hottest New Tech Item Right Away, but I think perhaps that's where we all come together.

My wife got annoyed with me the other day when a pile of Seattle Weeklys started piling up in a corner of the kitchen. She asked me why I don't just read them online. Without thinking, I uttered words I never thought I'd ever say.

"Because I like getting a physical copy to read at the end of the day."

What happened? Isn't this 2010? Aren't I supposed to be a child of the Internetz, with all its whizbang newsfeeds, instant updates and blogonets?

I started thinking about it and while I do have a predilection for reading books and weekly newspapers in much the same way people have done for millenia (It all began with the Mesolithic Weekly, which was way ahead of its time since the people back then didn't even know they were in the Mesolithic Era), that's really the only kind of reading I do offline these days.

I read blogs (duh) but I also read newspapers completely online. Specifically when it comes to sports, I can't remember the last time I got new information from reading something in a print newspaper. Why would I possibly wait that long to digest news I can get instantly (often from the same source)?

If there's any one area I have yet to take to take my sports-related technology to the next level, it's in the realm of phones. You'd think, with a blog and working on the internet and all that, that I'd be watching the Syracuse game with a state-of-the-art phone loaded with apps and tools while I sit at the bar eating apps, surrounded by tools. And yet I only have the second part of that.

And don't even get me started on fancy TV stuff. Samsung's talking about Apps for your TV...I'm just lucky if I get Syracuse on a my cable package, let alone tweet about it via my TV while watching them.

So the simple question is...what do you do? What are the technological advances that make your game-watching experience that much better? How has your game-watching experience changed in the last year along with the advent of new technologies and your usage of them? And what are you still waiting on technology to do that it's not doing already?

I'll be sitting here reading my Seattle Weekly, awaiting your answer...