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Syracuse vs. Cincinnati: The Rise Of Chazz

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Syracuse already knows their injured star will be back. So what about Cincinnati?

The Magic 8-Ball of Doom reads "Outlook Not Good" for the Bearcats at the moment. Collaros did practice Tuesday, but not for too long.

Zach Collaros participated in a few individual drills during practice today and appeared to step gingerly when he put planted his left leg to throw. He left the field about an hour into practice to go the training room.

"We got the good footwork in.  He did good individual. Now it’s to see how much of the workload his leg can handle after today. We hit him pretty good with it. We’ll see how he responds tomorrow."

If Collaros can't go, The Chazz Anderson Era begins (again) in Cincy. The junior isn't completely untested, he played a couple games in 2008 and 2009, even started a few, but he certainly doesn't have the experience that Collaros has:

"The guys had a lot of faith in me and that means the world to me," Anderson said, "more than playing or scoring a touchdown. I just want to help the guys win a football game. It’s tough but you’ve got to trust the plan. You’ve got to trust coach Jones and (offensive coordinator Mike Bajakian) and the guys around you and try to make plays."

 Anderson always gets the same amount of reps with the first-team offense as Collaros, so nothing will change in that regard this week, but he doesn’t have as much experience as Collaros, although he did start against Marshall and Rutgers in 2008.

Doug Hogue, start your engine.