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Syracuse vs. Cincinnati: Delone Carter Is A Go

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Good news all around. Not only is Delone Carter good-to-go for the Cincinnati game, but his injury won't have any long-standing effects on his tender hips.

According to Delone, he could have even gone back in to the West Virginia game:

"I was ready to go back in, because it had nothing to do with the injury I sustained in the past," Carter said. "It was something totally different. I was trying my best to get back in there, but I knew for my team’s sake it was more beneficial for Antwon to get in there."

At the end of the day, the injury helped the Orange in a way. It allowed Antwon Bailey to showcase himself and prove that he can carry the load if called upon again this season. And he most likely will as part of the two-headed monster in the Orange backfield:

"It’s definitely a relief," Pugh said, "because now we have that one-two punch. Everyone sees what Antwon can do and they know what Delone can do, so now they’re like, ‘Uh-oh, which back are we going to get this week?’ When you have both of them out there it’s like a two-headed attack."

Carter Cleared and Ready to Continue Solid Senior Campaign