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Syracuse Daily Links - The Chipotle Curse Is Dead (Or Is It?)

McMurphy's Law: Marrone's Orange Crushes 'The Chipotle Curse'
Syracuse junior defensive end Chandler Jones said before the season he didn't believe in it. Sharon, a manager at Chipotle's new location in Syracuse, said Monday she's never heard of it. Sean Keeley, who first chronicled the phenomena last year, hopes it's finally over. It, of course, would be the dreaded "Chipotle Curse."

Orange Alert: Syracuse Still Alive In Big East - SB Nation New York
With just those tools, I think Syracuse has maybe a 20 percent shot at that BCS berth. That's better than last week's or last season's odds which probably hovered around zero. I think SU fans, players and coaches will take that improvement. And who knows, considering the Big East's vulnerable state anything seems possible week to week. Especially after Saturday.

No-go on fourth down a decision based on circumstance, Syracuse football coach Doug Marrone says |
"I didn’t really feel at that time, that if we scored a touchdown it was going to change the momentum of the game," Marrone said Monday during his weekly news conference. But if we were going to get stopped, and they had the opportunity to go down the field and score, we’d be in big trouble. We’d be faced with a lot of adversity at that point," he said.

Every Day Should Be Saturday - I see Abe Lincoln on a personal watercraft.
HAND UP! Yes, Syracuse? Yes, you ARE 5-2! And yes, everyone's going to keep talking about your upset of West Virginia in condescendingly, insultingly shocked terms, because you are honestly freaking our shit out a little bit. (We got an email on Saturday after such a tweet that began "Maybe if you paid attention to what is happening in the Syracuse football program these days ... " and had to lie down for an hour until the hiccups subsided.)

Three Idiots on Sports: The Heat is on Butch Jones
In a video exclusive, the idiots were able to secure footage of an emergency meeting between Cincinnati Director of Althletics Mike Thomas and first year football coach Butch Jones.

College Football Alphabetical, Week 8: At The Intersection Of Past BCS Champs, Bowl Eligible And WTF -
The bad part is Baylor's six win total at this point in the season is further proof that the dark forces of the universe are in charge of this year's college football season, and that you might want to start sacrificing animals of various types to various gods in order to keep the demons at bay. We have no other explanation for Baylor and Syracuse both having six wins at this point in the season, and don't you dare say "It's because they're good football teams." I'M NOT EMOTIONALLY PREPARED FOR ALL THIS CHANGE AND YOU MUST INTRODUCE IT TO ME SLOWLY.

Kenny gets his hum on after Syracuse's win over West Virginia:

Doug Marrone is the best...around...nothing's ever gonna keep him down...