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Doug Marrone Monday Presser: New Vocabulary


Syracuse's program-changing win over West Virginia has Syracuse fans thinking of things they never thought possible, like bowl bids and Big East titles. It also has Doug Marrone doing something we never thought we'd a press conference without using the words "tremendous" or "standpoint."




They are playing well and doing a nice job.

The kids did a nice job and we played very well.

As far as everyone with this talk of bowl games and whatnot, keep it to yourselves. Or at least don't text Doug Marrone about it:

"People can afford to have those feelings. That’s great and I am excited for them. I want them to feel that way and do that, but as football team we can’t. As a football team we have to go ahead and win a football game. We are not there yet. And that’s just a fact. I never mention that ‘four letter’ word. I just go back and put my nose to the grindstone and keep going. That’s how I feel about that but I am excited for people to believe in the program again. Good for them and I am excited for them. That’s our goal. We are trying to make them happy. We are trying to please ourselves by going out there and working hard and through all that hard work having the opportunity to win a football game. As far as texts and emails, I don’t know. I don’t talk to many people. I really don’t. I am not a phone guy."

Hint, hint...stop leaving those messages on Doug's voice-mail. He's not listening to them.

Syracuse Football Post-WVU: Coach Marrone's Monday Press Conference