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Syracuse Midnight Madness: Commence The Finishing Of Business

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It's not often that Syracuse basketball gets overshadowed by its football counterpart, especially when major events like Midnight Madness are taking place, but such was the case this weekend. By the time the football team earned their epic upset of West Virginia, everyone had pretty much forgotten about big basketball event Friday night.  Still, it happened, and we have video evidence to prove it.

Here's a video recap of the highlights from You can also see some highlights from as well.

Syracuse Basketball Midnight Madness 2010

Thoughts, opinions and such:

I wasn't there and I never got the chance to attend a Midnight Madness event but based on what I'e seen...Manley Field House Midnight Madness > Carrier Dome Midnight Madness. There just seems to be something about holding this event in a small, intimate area that makes it much more appealing. At least from my seats.

Brandon Triche wins the dunk contest? Massive upset and massiver setback for Team Southerland and Team Fair.

The player who seemed to elicit the most excited reaction from fans is Fab Melo. Folks seemed genuinely surprised with how good his footwork and athleticism. So that's nice.

As suspected, Unfinished Business is the SU Basketball theme of 2010-2011. That's fine. Though its weird to me to see Dion Waiters, Fab Melo and rest of the freshman donning the shirts. They haven't even started business yet, let alone necessitated the need to finish any of it. Semantics, people!

Speaking of Unfinished Business, that's also this year's rap theme. Turns out we must have a new rap song as our theme every year per the Rob Murphy Rule. It's available now on iTunes. I listened to the preview of it mean I guess I have to buy it eventually for a full analysis, right? That's the kind of stuff I do for you guys. I take the hit. But, it too late to have Shut It Down back? Please?