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Syracuse Football's Favorite AP Voters

This week Syracuse received eight points in the AP Poll (and three votes in the Coaches Poll). Since the Coaches Poll is too cowardly to show personal ballots, we'll never know how Doug Marrone was able to vote three times.

But we can figure out how SU ended up getting votes in the AP one. Thanks to the folks over at PollSpeak, we find out that our eight points were based on five AP voters including us in their ballots. Let us honor and rejoice their names:

Wade Denniston, Logan Herald-Journal (Utah) - Make sure you pick up a copy of the Logan Herald-Journal this week to say thanks cause Wade slide us in all the way up at No. 23. If anyone tells Wade where our first three wins came from, I will maim you.

If you're name is Rob Long, how do NOT put SU in your Top 25? Rob Long of Maryland's Dox 1370 Radio hooked us up with a No. 24 spot. He also slipped Maryland in there at No. 25.

Joe Giglio of the News & Observer of Raleigh dropped the Orange in at No. 25. As did Manny Navarro of the Miami Herald and Scott Wolf of the Los Angeles Daily News. Wolf also has what seems to be the craziest AP Poll around.