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Delone Carter's Hips Once Again An Area For Concern

There's much to celebrate in Syracuse 19-14 win over West Virginia this weekend. However there's one grayish cloud looming over the game an SU fans are just praying it doesn't turn into Tropical Storm Delone's Bruised Hip.

In case that terrible metaphor wasn't clear enough, Delone Carter left the game Saturday during the 2nd quarter with a bruised hip and did not return. The shame is Carter had accumulated 75 yards and was en route to a monster day. Let the speculation run rampant.

He was noticeably uncomfortable and moving gingerly on the sideline with a bone bruise. Those injuries can be tricky. He was on the bike on the sideline later (a good sign), but you have to hope this one isn't serious.

Syracuse is thin enough as it is depth-wise and of all the season-ending injuries sustained during the year, only Aaron Weaver's injury really hurt this team in terms of an impact player. If Carter misses any time, that is the heart and soul of your offense gone right there.

Remember, this a guy who missed an entire year with a hip injury two years ago. Of all the place for him to get hurt, this is probably the worst. Well, a beheading would be worst, but, you see my point.

The good news is that Carter did spend some time in the second half on the bicycle and was in very good spirits following the game, shaking hands with fans.

The other good news is that Antwon Bailey stepped up and didn't miss a beat. Nineteen carries, 98 yards. Bailey confirmed that he can be a go-to guy for the Orange if needed. The only downside is that if Bailey needs a break or, God forbid, gets injured, Syracuse's depth chart falls off a cliff after that. Prince-Tyson might be ready to wear the crown just yet.

And so we wait. Signs point to this not being a massive injury but we'll wait for confirmation. Before leaving the game, Carter passed Damien Rhodes for eighth in career rushing yards at Syracuse (2,508). So that's nice.