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The Orange Revolution Commences: Syracuse 19, West Virginia 14

So, despite being an 16-point underdog and coming off a week in which they lost 45-14 to Pittsburgh, the Syracuse Football Orange defeated the West Virginia Mountaineers 19-14 in Morgantown. You have questions. I have answers.

Q: Wait, WHAT?

A: Yep, they did. The game was not rain-delayed and you were not watching a repeat of a SU-WVU game from the early 90s. This actually happened. Syracuse is 2-1 in the Big East. Syracuse beat West Virginia for the first time since 2001. Syracuse beat a ranked team for the first time since 2007. Syracuse is 5-2 overall for the first time since 2001.

All of that is happening. How?  Well, here's the thing. Syracuse might not be as good as we purported them be after the USF game, but they're sure as hell not as bad as we started to think they were after the Pitt loss. Are they somewhere in the middle? Actually, I'd say they're closer to the good side. They don't have the talent to measure up every single time they the field against a more talented team, But they have the want-to, the have-to and the fight to win those games much of the time.

Q: So, what, are we winning the Big East now?

A: Well, I wouldn't go saying that just yet. But look around the Big East. Look at what happened this weekend alone. USF hadn't scored an offensive touchdown in two weeks and went out and dropped 38 on Cincy. Louisville is supposed to be on the bottom of the conference and they just shut out preseason sleeper UConn. Syracuse was supposed to down there with Louisville and instead both of them.

Given everything you've seen out of the Big East this season, is it so implausible?

Q: At the very least, The Quest For Beef is shelved for the The Quest For Pinstripes, right?

A: No. I won' go over this again but The Quest For Beef stands. Remember where you came from, people. Everything else is gravy. Gravy smothered all over our Beef.

Q: Is Doug Marrone the greatest human being who has ever walked the Earth? Even moreso than Jesus?

A: Yes.

Q: Is The Chipotle Curse Dead

A: Well, the Chipotle Curse has clearly been altered. Syracuse has its biggest football win in...I don't know how long, the same week that Chipotle opens in Syracuse. There are two possibilities at work here.

1. The Curse is Dead.

2. The Curse only applies to SU Basketball.

We won't know for sure until basketball season starts. If the team finishes the season 0-27, we'll know for sure.

Q: Seriously, though. Are we going to a bowl game?

A: I think so. From here on our, everyone on our schedule is beatable. Cincy, Rutgers, UConn, Louisville and Boston College are all nothing special. Cincy has weapons and could easily pull a Pitt on us, but otherwise, no one else on that list scares me. Louisville won't be the pushover we expected but they're still beatable. And BC is apparently terrible, a good sign if it somehow comes down to the final weekend. But I don't think it will.

Q: Can people still use the Pitt game as an excuse to stay away from the Dome?

A: No.

Q: Will the rest of the college football nation start to respect us now?

A: Yes and no. I think there's going to be an outpouring of respect for the win but there's still going to be that lingering thought from a lot of them. "Well, I guess West Virginia wasn't that good after all." Losing to us still carries a stigma, regardless of how good we are. Andy Staples did it perfectly.

Q: Is Scooter Berry laughing right now?

A: He most certainly is not.

How will we put it to bed once and for all? Going to a bowl against a good BCS team and winning it go a long way. So let's do that.

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