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Midnight Madness: Team Southerland vs. Team Fair

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2010 AmeriCU Credit Union Midnight Madness is tonight at 7 pm. (duh). All the cool kids will be there. All the cool 50-year-old adults like the AmeriCU Credit Union executives and the Naughty By Nature guys will be there as well.

It's the best "wasted day" of the year for SU fans dying to get back into basketball. The players themselves are just as excited, just ask James Southerland.

"It’s definitely an exciting thing," Southerland said of Midnight Madness. "The fans get to see a preview of what our team is like this year. They’re going to see a lot of dunks, a lot of potential that our team has. Just give them a little taste of what the team will be like."

"Should be a lot of fun," said Jackson. "It’s the start of the season. Fans haven’t had a chance to see us yet and see new faces. It’s just a chance to have fun on a Friday night."

There will be ironically-cool entrances, drills and lots of shots. But you're there for dunks. And that means you're there for two people in particular. James Southerland and C.J. Fair, the favorites to win your hearts in the dunk contest.

Dion Waiters is also involved but even he admits it's between the super soph and the fab frosh for the crown. Southerland is ready to bring his A-game.

"They were hoping to see some of my best dunks," he said. "And I don’t want to let ‘em down. So I’m going to try my best."

Senior Rick Jackson is one of the few willing to choose sides. He's Team Fair.

"C.J. Fair," he said. "Surprisingly. C.J. jumps out the gym. He jumps higher than James, but James can do more stuff than him."

Just in case you'd like a sneak preview, have at it...