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Once a Mountaineer Always a Mountaineer (And Public Intoxicant)

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West Virginia folks on the site have been a little uppity the last couple days about their treatment this week. I figured I might as well give them a good reason...

This fresh-faced fellow to the right? That's current Colts and former West Virginia kicker Pat McAfee, who had himself a grand-old time Tuesday night.

McAfee was released just before noon Wednesday, about six hours taking a pre-dawn swim in a canal in an Indianapolis nightlife district.

Officers say the 23-year-old, second-year player from West Virginia had a blood-alcohol content of 0.15 percent, nearly twice the legal limit if driving in Indiana.

He also apparently harassed a woman who was in the area. As you do.

We shouldn't be surprised, of course. McAfee is just the latest in a long line of traditional Mountaineer football players who move on to greener pastures...and then urinate all over them. Including...

Todd Sauerbrun - The former WVU punter was charged with DWI in 2004 while a member of the Carolina Panthers. His name also came up during the steroid investigation. He took his talents to Denver where he had some success before an altercation with a taxi driver in 2007 led to his arrest and subsequent release.

Mike Vanderjagt - He was never arrested for his crimes but Peyton Manning once referred to the former Colts kicker as "our idiot kicker who got liquored up and ran his mouth off."

Adam "PacMan" Jones - I don't really need to go into this one, do I?

Chris Henry - The late wide receiver made a name for himself off the field with five arrests, including driving under the influence, marijuana possession, assault and criminal damage.

John Holmes, James Ingram, Ed Collington - Linebacker Holmes, defensive lineman Ingram and running back  Collington were arrested in 2008 with felony possession of marijuana.

Scooter Berry - Our friend Scoots was arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct last year.

Brandon Hogan - Currently on the team, Hogan is getting a head-start on his future misgivings after being arrested for a DUI earlier this season. He's got a long way to go if he wants to match his forefathers, but, he's off to a great start.

It's a proud, boozy tradition. But it's nice to know that today's Mountaineers are carrying the torch high. Just hopefully not near children or kindling.