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Syracuse Halloween Costume Idea - For The Ladies


As you know, the Syracuse Fan Halloween Costume Contest is in effect. You already know how to perfect your Doug Marrone and your Ridiculously Good Looking Charley Loeb. The truth is, there are literally thousands of choices for guy out there who wants to dress up like their favorite (or least favorite) SU personality.

But what about The Ladies©?

The Ladies© voiced their concerns earlier this week and it's a valid point. We can sit here and rattle off male costume ideas until Halloween but if you try to come up with costumes for The Ladies©and all of a sudden things get tricky. I mean, sure, you can go with the requisite "sexy version of a thing/person" and if that's what you want to do in these postmodern, post-feminist times, have at it. Be a Sexy Nurse or a Sexy Accountant or a Sexy Sex Worker. We are fighting the war on terror so that you have that right. You're welcome.

But this about Syracuse-specific costumes and you want to go that route, there's a lot more out there than just Sexy Doug Marrone (though I am extremely excited to see that in action...wait, that sounds...I mean...).

So let's take a look  at some of the respectable options for The Ladies©, which is not to say the following options are not sexy. Many of them are sexy in their own ways. I'm just saying if the initial intent of your Halloween is not to be sexy, then perhaps this is your cup of orange tea. And if by chance you feel sexy and/or exude a certain sexiness while in costume, that is a pleasant bonus if you so desire it to be. Because of course, perceived sexiness is all about one's own beliefs, body image, confidence and contentment. So don't let me be the arbiter of such things.

That's what Charley Loeb is for.

And besides, it's like Syracuse's Costume Depot owner Darrel Loguidice says, there's a line between being "classy" and "sexy." (Wait, what?)

Juli Boeheim

The First Lady of Syracuse Basketball s a fine choice. All you really need is long hair, a perpetual smile and the grace of Princess Di. Perfect if you want to pair up with a Jim Boeheim look-alike. Bonus points if you carry around a bowl of Orange Cheese & Ranch Dip.

Nancy Cantor

I'm not going to comment on the specifics here for fear of what you monsters will do with it. Bonus points earned if you can find a Doug Marrone to reenact this moment.

Katie Rowan

The Greatest Athlete Of Our Time simply requires an SU lacrosse outfit, some neat goggles, a mouthpiece and a lax stick.

Erica Morrow

SU Basketball's senior leader. You just need a uniform, a sweet gold necklace and the best hair in the business. Bonus points for being accompanied by a spiffily-dressed Coach Q.

Ange Bradley

To pull off SU's Field Hockey coach, you'll need short, blonde hair, Cuse-themed t-shirt and shorts and the inability to take s**t from anyone at anytime.

Donna Shalala

The University of Miami President is an SU grad. Go with someone dressed up like Nancy Cantor and then make people guess which one is which.

Vera Farmiga

Academy Award-nominated actress Vera Farmiga attended SU as well. This one will require some partial nudity and strong sexual situations, so, just know that going in.

Lisa Lampenelli

The Queen of Mean attended SU for a journalism degree before getting into comedy. A questionable dress and a lot of self-fondling is required. Also, if you're gonna embody Lampinelli, you better be ready to hurl insults at black men. If you're gonna do this, you gotta do this.