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Syracuse Daily Links - The Gumby Effect

Field commander: ESF student finds comfort, inspiration in Syracuse sports - The Daily Orange - Feature
Try finding a louder, more animated Syracuse fan than Gumby in the past five years. In his signature white Syracuse basketball jersey, orange shorts and assorted sweatbands, Gumby considered the student section his own team, bringing animation and energy to the Carrier Dome's student section. But these days, he finds himself in a different outfit, stepping out from the stands onto the field as a cheerleader, bolting across the end zone, flag in hand, and tossing cheerleaders in the air. Whether in the stands or on the field, Gumby has never stopped believing in the fans - fans that could change the game, for better or worse.

College Football BlogPoll Rankings, Week 8: Hooray Us, Hooray Oregon -
Oregon consolidates its lead at the top, but that's not to say it's a decision without some controversy. Three other teams (Boise State, Oklahoma, and Auburn) pick up at least eight first-place votes and two more (TCU and LSU) get lonely single affirmations.

Big East: 5 Things I Can't Wait To See - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
For the Orange, Scoop Jardine and Kris Joseph were perhaps the best off-the-bench tandem in the country, game-changers who added zip and energy to Syracuse when they entered the game. With the departure of Wes Johnson, Andy Rautins and Arinze Onuaku, it’s their time to shine. The burden falls heaviest on Joseph, the Big East’s sixth man of the year last season after averaging 10.8 points and 5.5 boards per game. He slides most naturally into the spot vacated by Johnson.

Syracuse University Athletics - Midnight Madness Tickets 'Sold' Out
All of the available tickets for the 2010 AmeriCU Credit Union Midnight Madness, presented by TK99 and TK105, have been distributed, making the October 22nd event a sellout.

Three Idiots on Sports: Syracuse Football: Where Do We Go From Here?
if SU can come out, establish some offensive rhythm and get back to being disruptive on defense, and keep these games close going into the 4th quarter of each of them, then the Orange don't NEED to win these games. They'll know they are getting better and fell short to two good teams in hostile venues.

Orange::44: Pittsburgh - Syracuse Postgame Reactions OR Can't Beat Pittsburgh
The bottom line is that Pittsburgh played above their heads and Syracuse did not help themselves by playing below their abilities, both on offense and defense.

Other College Football Capsules: Irish prepare for Navy's triple option | prepare, football, south - Sports - Brownsville Herald
"To be put in a situation like that, I probably wouldn't know what to do," defensive tackle Bud Tribbey said. "If (Syracuse athletic director) Daryl Gross came to me today and said Syracuse football is dead, I'd probably flip out. I'd probably just lose it. They came in, worked hard, fit right in with everybody."

Wolves waive Thomas and Hart, roster down to 15 |
The Timberwolves this morning waived veterans John Thomas and Jason Hart to get their roster down to the limit of 15 players.

game predictions 102110 - Big East Blog - ESPN
West Virginia 24, Syracuse 10: This will be standard operating procedure for the Mountaineers: Get a lead early, then let the defense take over. Syracuse doesn't have enough speed on offense to counteract the Big East's best defense, and the Orange aren't built for coming from behind.

No surprise: UConn picked to rule Big East in women's hoops |
Syracuse, coming off a 25-11 season, including 7-9 in the Big East, was picked to finish ninth.

So, you thought it was funny to steal that Euclid street sign, SU student? REAP WHAT YOU SOW!

Good luck trying to stop Mike Smith, SEUN. If Mike Smith wants a Livingston street sign to put in his bathroom, Mike Smith is getting a Livingston street sign to put in his bathroom.

Oh and, don't worry Mysterious Keystone Way Lady, your secret identity is safe with us.