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Big East Media Day: Unfinished Business

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If these t-shirts are any example, you can expect Syracuse basketball's 2010-2011 motto to be Unfinished Business. Fair enough.

Kris, Scoop and Rick were on hand in NYC yesterday for Big East Media Day. The Orange were quite the hot topic between their selection to finish third in the conference by the media and coaches, the arrival of Kris Joseph, the introduction of Fab Melo and of course the results anytime Jim Boeheim has a microphone near him. We begin where the season begins and ends, with the veteran trio that will lead SU all year.

My, how far Scoop Jardine has come. With his CheesesteakGate days long behind him, Scoop has become a mentor to many of the young players on the squad.  None moreso than Dion Waiters, Scoop's younger cousin and now teammate.

"If I went to Villanova," Jardine said, "he would have been there, too.

"He was a guy that looked up to me. I was like a role model and I am still a role model to him at Syracuse, teaching him how to be a college student. It's great that I can also teach a young kid like that who's talented and I can help him get to where he wants to be, and that's also one of my plans."

Scoop has some extremely kind words for Arinze Onuaku, whom he credits for helping Scoop "be the man I am." Speaking of Dion Waiters, Boeheim had some very interesting things to say about the freshman guard.

"Dion Waiters is as good as any Freshman guard that we've ever had"

That is a ballsy statement, Jim, and puts Waiters in very elite company. Overshadowed by Fab Melo so far, Waiters might end up being quite the surprise for a lot of folks. And since we're on the topic of Fab Melo, what did Boeheim have to say about his big man?

HC Jim Boeheim said FR center Fab Melo is further along than any big man he's ever had at this stage of his career

Again, strong words. And considering the conference has a serious height issue this season, very good news.
While the Orange were picked to finished 3rd in the conference, Scoop was asked where he thinks the Orange should be ranked nationally.

"I think we should be like nine."

It sounds arbitrary and random, but, sure!

Some other Big East Media Day news and notes: