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Where Are The Rest Of The Syracuse Bars?

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We've got a pretty good list of SU bars around the US (and South Africa) but I can't help but feel like we're missing a few. All around this nation, Syracuse fans are forced to stay at home with their families and responsibilities because they don't know where other Syracuse fans in the area are congregating to watch games.

This will not stand.  If I do nothing else with this site, it is to help every single Syracuse fan worldwide avoid responsibility at every turn. It starts on gameday.

SO, if you don't see your city on the current list and you know of a place that either regularly hosts SU fans or definitely shows the SU game every week (when it's not on ESPN3), let us know. There's quite a few big cities we need to fill in (Dallas, Houston, Detroit, Phoenix, Tampa, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Orlando, St. Louis) but even if you know of a local spot in Podunk, Texas, let us know about that one as well. And then move out of Podunk as quickly as possible.

And on a related note, moving forward, the official Syracuse game watching spot will be LTD Bar & Grill in Fremont. Doors open at 9am, perfect for all those East Coast nooners. A dozen or so HD TVs, full bar and plenty of street parking nearby. We may have to haggle with the Michigan State contingent for sound but we should probably consider that a bonus anyway.  See you there this Saturday (if you live in Seattle and/or really, really want to hang out).