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Syracuse Halloween Costume Idea - Ridiculously Good Looking Charley Loeb

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SQUEEEEE! via <a href="">Pamela Schultz</a>
SQUEEEEE! via Pamela Schultz

The Syracuse Fan Halloween Costume Contest is in effect, are you getting ready? You now know how to put together a solid Doug Marrone get-up. Next up let's take a look at what it will require to master the perfect RGL Charley Loeb look.

Editor's Note: I don't mean this as an attack but no matter how good your RGL Charley Loeb costume is, you will never, ever be able to emulate the ridiculously good-looking looks of Sir Loeb. It is physically impossible. You know that debunked science experiment where the guy said he could figure out how beautiful people are by measuring their skulls and face symmetry? Well it's actually true but Charley Loeb is such an outlier that he screws up the entire scale, rendering it null. I just don't want there to be any unrealistic expectations, okay?


One (1) Black Wig

You will be hard-pressed to find a wig that matches Charley's tousled treasure top, so your best bet is to go with a greaser or 50's-style wig. It oozes the kind of rebel without a cause attitude that makes up Charley Loeb's essence.

One (1) Syracuse Football Jersey

Preferably No. 17 if we're going for authenticity. Oddly, it seems like they're sold out. A real collectors I guess make-do with what you've got.

One (1) Clipboard

Hey, it's about being authentic.


Chin Surgery

Look, if you're committed, you'll do it. Look at these features! That's the kind of chin that makes Bruce Campbell cry.


Gaggle Of Swooning Women And Men Drooling as They Follow You Everywhere You Go