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Syracuse Halloween Costume Idea - Doug Marrone

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The Syracuse Fan Halloween Costume Contest is underway. You've got a little under two weeks to get yourself organized and put together a costume that embodies SU but also takes into consideration a good dose of uniqueness, boldness and shenaniganery (a word).

There's nothing wrong with choosing a well-known figure for your costume. Take, for instance, Doug Marrone. Even if there are a ton of other Dougies running around on Halloween, there's a million ways you could go with it. You could be Press Conference Doug Marrone. You could be Player Doug Marrone (complete with wispy mustache). You could be Dougwina Marrone, his female doppelganger. You could be Zombie Doug Marrone (which I'm practically begging someone to be).

The point is, don't worry about your core costume being way out there (though there are points to be had for that). Worry more about what you do with it.

So okay, you've decided to be Head Coach Doug Marrone for Halloween. Regardless of where you go with it, you're going to need a starter kit of items to pull it off. It won't take much but if you're going for authenticity, here's what you need:


One (1) Nike Syracuse Orange Navy Blue 2010 Checkdown Coaches Sideline Performance Polo

The preferred gameday shirt of Doug Marrone flecks moisture with its lightweight material. Perfect for any beer spillage at Halloween parties.

One (1) Nike Syracuse Orange Navy Blue Swoosh Visor

Doug wouldn't be caught dead on the sidelines without his trusty visor. It's a critical component to pulling off the look.

One (1) Sideline Coaches Headset

You can get creative on this one. Maybe you've got an XBox one laying around. Just make sure you've got one handy. Not just for wearing but also for throwing to the ground in disgust when the situation calls for it.

One (1) Khaki Classic Flat Front Pant

Coach Marrone is a khaki man. Khakis always. Never forget this.


One (1) Laminated Play Sheet

No good HCDM is without his play sheet at all times. Needed to always have all playcalls at his disposal, it's also great for blocking your face from female onlookers in order to communicate with your bros about the gameplan.

Slightly Grayed Temples

The only job that grays your hair more than being President of the United States? Being head coach of Syracuse football.

Enalrged Thighs

Let's face it, it's his defining characteristic. I'd get four of these to wear under your khakis, two for each thigh.

Strict, Repetitive Vocabulary

Doug Marrone likes words. At least eight or nine of them. You know them (tremendous, standpoint, nice job, physical). Use them early, use them often.