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The Syracuse Fan Halloween Costume Contest

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It's been a couple weeks, time for a contest.

Halloween is October 31st. You've got a lot of options this year, especially if you're trying to make your mark. There's Jersey Shore cast-members, Miley Cyrus, crazy Mel Gibson, Barack Obama... At least one of you is considering putting on a hard hat, smothering yourself in soot and going as a Chilean Miner. And there's going to be at least one of you that goes as Tiger Woods accompanied by a blonde blow-up doll (so 2009).

But let me throw another idea out there for you.  Go as a Syracuse athlete, coach or other person related to SU sports. If you do, there might just be some prizes in it for you.

So the question becomes...who do you dress up as? I will tell you this...I have a points system. I am not sharing this points system with you. The points system take into account things such as accuracy, details, creativity and uniqueness. So while dressing up like Doug Marrone will be smart, dressing up like Ger Schwedes and nailing it might even be better.

That's not to say I don't want to see Doug Marrones. I want to see Doug Marrones. And if I see a Doug Marrone far superior to anything else I could have ever imagined then I will put that Doug Marrone costume high on a pedastal.

Alright, so here's the deal:

1. Between now and October 31st, dress up like a Syracuse-related coach, athlete, administrator or other person. I'm willing to stretch the boundaries far here as long as you can justify it.

2. All entries must be received in photo form via FanPost/FanShot by November 1st.

3. Content is welcome to all ages. If you're forcing your three-month-old to be 'Lil DOCTOR Gross for Halloween, we want to see it.

4. I will select a group of semifinalists at my discretion. They will be put up to a vote on the site the week after Halloween. The person/persons (no one ever said you couldn't do this as a group) who gets the most votes, wins.

5. The Grand Prize - An autographed copy of Orange Tip-Off Magazine.

6. Second prize - A plain-old copy of Orange Tip-Off Magazine.


Over the next few days I'll be supplying you with some ideas and how to put them together. You can take my advice or you can go your own root. The only important thing is that your costume be as Cuse-y in nature. Good luck.