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Syracuse - Pitt: Notable Quotables

Some quotes worth noting after Syracuse's 45-14 loss to Pitt.

"Well, at least basketball season start soon."

The Texas A&M fan sitting next to me at the bar Saturday. NO. I wasn't supposed to hear that this season. I've been hearing that line from non-Orange folks for the past five years and I was so ready to not hear it ever again. Yes, thank you, basketball season will be nice and SU fans look forward to it, but WE WANT FOOTBALL GOOD THINGS.

I'm glad Missouri killed you guys...

"I got to the hotel last night and put the TV on and his[Marrone's] coach’s show is on...And he must have said the word ‘physical’ 10 times during the course of the show. So by the time I watched the show and I go down to our (team) meeting I’m like in a lather. And I got our guys in the restaurant and I said we better be ready to be physical and play good football. And I thought our guys showed up."

Dave Wannstedt, who seems oddly offended by the word physical, especially since he was using it just as much this week.

"What I feel bad about is for the people who came out to watch the game. Their expectations were high, and so were ours. My expectations were high for these players to get over this hump, (which was) playing in front of these fans and bringing them back. We’ll get back to the drawing board, start from the beginning, start working our way back up and go on the road and get some wins under our belt and come back home to treat the people of Central New York and Syracuse fans to better quality football than what they saw today."

It’s going to happen, I promise you that. It will happen. I can’t predict when it will. Obviously, I wanted it to happen today. But it’s not going to be for a lack of effort on my part, the coaches or the players."

Doug Marrone, who continues to keep this priorities in order.

"They were mostly our fault."

Antwon Bailey, on who was to blame for all the three-and-out's on offense. Now I'm intrigued...I assumed the offense took ALL of the blame for that. Now I'm coming to find out others are to blame. Was it Casullo? It was Casullo, right? It must have been Casullo.

"It’s definitely not time to panic. We’re 4-2, 21-1 in the BIG EAST. We have a lot of noise to make. We have West Virginia coming up. You better believe we’ll be ready. "

That's how Antwon Bailey's quote reads on Either that's typo or Twon is severely mistaken about the number of games we've played and won in conference play so far this season. Or maybe it's true and our 21-game Big East win streak just came to an end. That sucks.

My tackle, it was a mistake but it was a mistake that could happen fast.

Phillip Thomas, who either doesn't make any sense at all or makes all the sense in the world.

"We’ve got to start erasing this loss out of our minds right now."

Andrew Tiller, who will be making a pitstop at REKALL this week.