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Syracuse vs. Pitt: The Predictions

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As SU fans, today was all about putting money where our mouths were. And we did a helluva job.

The second part of that is finding out whether or not the SU contingent had the temerity and the tenacity to actually admit they think Syracuse can win this game. Unless your a member of the Cruz family, you're 100% behind the Orange.

Before we get to the fans, let's see what the world at-large thinks. First up, SBNation's Spencer Hall, in a way that only he can explain:

The Doug Marrone Death Machine cannot be stopped: one can only put a mustache in front of it and hope it respects it enough to slow down for a moment, salute, and then go back on its long job of killing the opposition in the Big East. The Orange are 4-1, and can frankly hang it up now and call this as much consistent success as they've had in the 21st century if they like. Given that this is the Big East, they would, but everyone else save West Virginia is doing the same thing. Therefore expect four quarters of "play not to lose" from both teams, but most especially from Pitt, the team that craves nothing more than a game decided by field goals and playcalling Jim Tressel refers to as "stodgy." If Dave Wannstedt were a swimmer, he'd have on a life preserver, water wings, nose clips, and scuba gear. Doug Marrone, being slightly bolder, wades boldly in the shallow end with only the protection of Delone Carter. (This is enough.)

ESPN's Brian Bennett likes what he's seen from the Orange this year...but he's still not a believer. Pitt 17, Syracuse 14.

On to the Syracuse predictors. First is Brian from Orange44...

Syracuse fans are whipped in a frenzy right now over the USF win still, and this is Homecoming. Syracuse I think wins a close game for even more respectability. Well as much as you can winning a game in the Big East right now. For Syracuse that's huge. Look for the Orange to take down Pittsburgh 23 to 14.

The Three Idiots are in disagreement over the final score but they are in agreement over one thing...SU will win by seven to one point. Doesn't matter to me, really.

As for me, this game actually reminds me a lot of the season-opener against Minnesota last year. On paper, we were playing a better and more talented opponent. But that doesn't matter when a packed Dome is going nuts for three hours while the SU football team, absolutely fired up for this new chapter, played their asses off. True, SU lost that game, but man did they come close to winning. I think tomorrow is the next step for a program that's learning how to win games against quality opponents again. Don't expect a lot of points, but that doesn't mean it won't be exciting. Syracuse 16, Pitt 13.