Let's Donate Some SU - Pitt Tickets

Ed Note: If you can help, please do. Of course it's nice to make sure we get some more butts in there but ultimately you're going to make a child's day. See the comments below for details on how to help.

Orange Nation,

I want to see this game sold out as much as the next guy.  I personally am unable to make it up to the Cuse this weekend, so I want to do my part to see a rocking Dome and also help a good cause.

I was thinking about donating a bunch of tickets, perhaps to the Syracuse Boys and Girls club.  I'd purchase them and leave them at will call for pickup.  Anyone else interested in doing this with me? I'd need to see how many tickets we would be able to donate and whether the B&G club can get their kids to the Dome.

TOTAL DONATIONS - 7:53am ET: $1,719.40



8/16 8:15AM Update

Just want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who made this happen.  We have over $1700 donated by over 60 people to send 32 kids (and some chaperones) to the game.  Not only that, but they are getting some HCDM signed footballs, free food vouchers, and Orange Out shirts!

Although I organized this, none of it would've been possible without all of you for donating and spreading the word.  The SWCC and B&G Club are incredibly appreciative and should be sending some photos our way of their time at today's game.

You should all be proud of this amazing accomplishment and know that there is no way we stop with this game.

And now, some photos for your enjoyment (click to enlarge)

Shirts lined up at Manny's - thanks Kevin L (Silanfa) for purchasing them in person for us!

Ted Conroy grabbed the tickets for the SWCC last night.




(Archive from 10/15)

The B&G club has confirmed they will be bringing 22 kids and 2 chaperones to the game, and the Southwest Community Center will bring 10 + 2.  That makes 32 kids going on our behalf.  You guys are awesome and these 2 groups are extremely appreciative.  THANK YOU!

So we are buying 3x of the $250 package, which includes:

  • 12 sideline tickets
  • 1 HCDM signed football
  • 4 parking passes
  • SU swag (stickers and whatnot)

But that's not all! Because of your generosity, the kids and chaperones will also each get an Orange Out shirt from Manny's and $10 in food vouchers at the Dome.

This is an incredible accomplishment for all of us.  Any overflow money will be reported and we will work on doing this again.  We have a lot of willing people who want to either manage this through a 501(c)(3) or through the not-for-profit Otto's Army bank account. We'll discuss all of that as the dust settles.

In the meantime, enjoy homecoming weekend and know what an amazing feat we accomplished today!