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Wes, Jonny & Jason Back In The Dome Friday

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We've got enough trouble trying to the pack the Dome for one event this weekend, so I don't mind if you happen to skip out Friday. That said, if you do you'll be missing out on an opportunity to see some of our favorite folks who have since moved on for greener pastures.

Wes Johnson, Jonny Flynn and Jason Hart all return to the Dome Friday when the Timberwolves play the Pistons in an exhibition game. While the trio are all former Orange, they each took very distinct paths to get to this point. Hart was the four-year starter who has spent the last ten years carving out a pro career where he can. Wes went from being the guy no one cared about to the guy everyone wanted in about three years. And Jonny was the heir to the throne who made the difficult decision of leaving after his sophomore season. Flynn says that while he doesn't regret it, it was a tough one.

"It was the toughest decision, to that point, of my life," Flynn said. "The toughest decision. I knew how good the team was going to be the next year. I knew how good they were going to be. I always wanted to play with Wesley Johnson. And it was just hard for me to leave Syracuse."

Flynn of course is hurt and won't play tomorrow. He will be on hand, however. Wes and Jason will, however. Wes has been living up to the hype so far, proving that he's capable of holding his own on an NBA roster.

As for Hart, the dream to play pro ball continues. He's had some ups and downs along the way but he still believes he's got some good basketball left in him.

"I always believed it," Hart said of playing in the NBA. "I tell kids all the time, it does no good to tell somebody else your dream. They’re not going to be excited because it’s not their dream. They don’t have to believe in your dream. I didn’t need anybody else to believe in me, because I believed it myself.

There will be a lot of former players in the house tonight but there's also going to be one Orange who has yet to actually put on the uniform here as well. Rakeem Christmas will be in the building after spending the day on campus.

There are some rumors circulating that ticket sales for the even are bad. Like, really bad. So we'll see tonight if local fans really want to see former Orange not named Carmelo play an exhibition game (at $40 a pop). Regardless, good to get the guys back in town. Hope the party goes well tonight!