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Frank Broyles Is Our New Favorite Person

In this week's Legends Poll, Syracuse received not one but two points to show up in the Also Receiving Votes category. Naturally the thought was, who were these two voters who each gave Syracuse a No. 25. You would assume Dick MacPherson was one of them, but what about the other? Maybe it was Pat Dye, trying to make-good after that time he was a complete p***y?

Turns out, Coach Mac was a no-go after all. And of course Pat Dye didn't vote for us either. In fact, we didn't get two No. 25 votes but one No. 24 vote. Who is this Saint???

Frank Broyles, that's who. The 1964 National Coach of the Year and National Championship-winning coach from Arkansas apparently has a soft spot in his heart for the Orange. Now it's up to SU to not let Coach Broyles down.

Now...Coach Mac...where you at?